Rendezvous Experience 

Romantic Dinner

Let's step outside our pandemic bubbles and back into reality! Join us for the Rendezvous dating experience. Just register with your favorite interests and we will curate a night for you to meet with likeminded singles in order to establish a genuine connection. 

Why Rendezvous is the way to go!

According to a survey study at Duke University, for a person to get 1.8 hours of dating in real life, people spend 5.2 hours a week looking at profiles and another 6.7 hours sending and replying to emails or messages. That’s 11.9 hours a week spent for less than 2 hours. All you need at rendezvous is 5 min to register!

Dating apps/websites make finding someone superficial
Average date costs approximately $102.35 stop wasting hard earned cash! 
Sick of getting Catfished?
It takes only 4 minutes to see if you “click” with someone. 
The biggest turnoff among daters is their date constantly checking their phones. 
Let's bypass edited pics and made up profiles!
Matching with a 10 and meeting a 2
It's hard to set up a first date.

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Dating apps/websites make dating superficial.